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In recent years, there has been a rising market for all types of scenting devices. Even when they appear to be practical and efficient, the risk of resorting to most of these means is that they are often full of chemically-laden substances that do little to contribute to one’s respiratory health. Such is the case with plug-in air fresheners; while they may smell nice, they provide no calming or therapeutic effects whatsoever. Moreover, they have been found to possess harmful effects not only on our respiratory, but also on our nervous system as well.

The ZenBreeze Wood Grain model on the other hand, provides fresh, clean and naturally-scented air that can be helpful to create either a special atmosphere or alleviate certain respiratory issues, depending on the type of essential oil that is being used.

Because this diffuser model uses vibrating sound waves technology to create an ultrafine aromatherapy mist, it distributes both the mist and the scent much more efficiently than most other methods, such as candles, sprays or plug-in devices. Finally, the device features an adjustable quiet ultrasonic coolmist operation mode which is vital since essential oils lose their properties when heated.


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